The Agincourt Bride ~ Joanna Hickson

Publisher: HarperCollins (UK)
Pages: 578
Year: 2013
Rating: ««««

This is the story of the woman who founded the Tudor dynasty, told through the eyes of her loyal nursemaid, Mette. When Mette’s own child is still-born, she is sent into service as a wet-nurse for Charles VI’s new daughter Catherine. Mette and Catherine form a close bond – a bond that will last throughout Catherine’s life time.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Agincourt Bride. Richly detailed, it was full of deception and intrigue. You gain a truly realistic sense of the period and the turbulent times. Never does Hickson soften the violence of the era nor the emotions of those affected by such.

I loved how Catherine was portrayed in this novel – she is a true heroine. She is depicted as being a stunning beauty with a fiery passion and very courageous. She is definitely depicted as the strong female who helped change the course of history.

A scrupulously enjoyable historical fiction. I can’t wait for the sequel, The Tudor Bride

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