New Year . . . New Blog

So it appears that I have neglected my blog over the past year, and for that I am extremely sorry. I started this blog a few years ago, and my life was very different back then. 

I initially started this blog while I was in Teacher's College, back when I was living by myself, with my cat in a bachelorette apartment, going to school and working a part-time job. Other than my classes and assignments, a few shifts a week and the occasional get together with friends... I had A LOT of free time on my hands. Free time that I spent reading and blogging. 

After I graduated, I got hired by the school board where I grew up as a supply teacher. Again, other than supplying 4-5 days a week, with no planning, no marking and again a lot of free time to read and blog. Then I got a long-term supply job that involved planning and marking ... that's when the blogging began to slow down.

And then I met a guy. A wonderful guy. Now I'm not saying that he was the problem, because he definitely was not, but my free time was no longer spent curled up with a book, but rather hanging out with him. 

And then I got a full time, permanent teaching position. Along with the planning, and the marking, I happen to teach French - that means creating a whole lot of resources for my kiddos. Not that I don't enjoy creating wonderful things to help my little guys learn a new language, it just takes up a lot of my free time. And so I had to cut something - I wasn't cutting my friends or my family and definitely not my boyfriend so blogging unfortunately took the hit. 

Well things have changed since then. I still have my wonderful boyfriend, however now he goes by the term fiancé, and in another 6 months he will be my husband. I am still a full time, permanent French teacher, however with a few years under my belt, I am starting to learn that everything does not have to be perfect. I have also made the conscious decision that I need to get back to doing the things that I love. I have missed reading. I have missed blogging. 

Now, I'm not saying that I will be posting like have in the past. I have decided to change the format a bit on this blog. I will still post reviews of books that I have read and I will occasionally post about upcoming and new releases, depending on how busy life is of course.

Things might look a little different but it's a compromise that I am willing to make. 

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