The Shadow of the Pomegranate ~ Jean Plaidy

The Shadow of the Pomegranate is the second book in the Katharine of Aragon trilogy, the first being Katharine the Virgin Widow and the last The King’s Secret Matter. Even though it is part of a trilogy, something that I didn’t realize until I was half way through the novel, it is still a great stand alone book. In typical Plaidy fashion, this story effortlessly mixes political intrigue with the character’s personalities as well as their thoughts and actions. This story begins shortly after the marriage of Katharine of Aragon and King Henry VIII and tells the tale of their tumultuous marriage, their desire for heirs and Katharine’s battle between pleasing both her husband and her father at the same time. Like her other novels, Plaidy has many mini-stories playing out in the background at the same time to add those extra details and background to the main story. It is amazing how this is done so naturally that it does not take away from the story or distract from the main characters. It took me a little while to really get into this novel, but it definitely picked up the pace about half way through. I have to say that this was one of my favourite Jean Plaidy novels that I have read thus far. 

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