On this day . . . January 10th

Charles Ingalls (1938 - 1902)

Charles Phillip Ingalls was born January 10th 1836 in New York and was the second of nine children. Charles married Caroline Quiner on February 1st 1860 and the pair had 5 children: Mary, Laura, Carrie, Freddie and Grace. Throughout his life, Charles had a strong case of “wanderlust”. He loved travelling and did not like living among crowds of people, so with his family in the early years, they traveled quite a bit moving from their original home in Wisconsin, to Indian Territory in south-eastern Kansas, back to Wisconsin, to southern Minnesota, Iowa, back to Minnesota and finally to Dakota Territory, ultimately settling in De Smet, South Dakota. He worked as a farmer and carpenter as well as an occasional hunter, tradesman and storekeeper. Charles died June 8th, 1902 at the age of 66. 

Charles Ingalls was immortalized in his daughter's Little House on the Prairies series as "Pa". Laura Ingalls Wilder's series begins when she was a young girl living in the Big Woods of Wisconsin and tells the story of the Ingalls family, throughout their travels - their struggles and the good times. 

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