The Irish Princess ~ Karen Harper

This is the story of Elizabeth "Gera" Fitzgerald, the daughter of Earl of Kildare, king of Ireland in all but name. Gera's world is soon flipped upside down when King Henry VIII imprisons her father in the Tower of London and her uncles are declared traitors. Gera's family is forced to move to England to live with her mother's cousins, the Grey family. On the ship crossing to England, Gera meets admiral Edward Clinton, a man with whom she she falls in love with. Once in England, Gera is sent to live in Henry's royal court where she must learn to navigate the ever changing alliance as she nurtures her own secret desire for revenge-- and she wont be satisfied until she restores her family to its rightful place back home in Ireland.


I absolutely loved this book. I have been a fan of Karen Harper for years now and I love how she is able to bring the characters to life as well as being able to describe the settings with great detail. There was enough factual information to keep my history loving self entertained and enough of a romance to keep me reading until the very end. You can definitely tell that Harper has a great love for Tudor England and that she has a great talent for writing. It was beautifully researched and I love how she never intended on writing a story about Elizabeth Fitzgerald but stumbled upon her by accident but yet she was still able to create a fiery yet lovable character and breathe life into her in the pages of the novel. I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves historical fiction and who would enjoy one of the few historical fiction novels set in Ireland. I would be ecstatic if Harper would continue to write novels set in Ireland as I think that Ireland is a gem yet to be deeply explored by historical fiction writers. 

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