The Heretic Queen - Michelle Moran

The Heretic Queen is the continuation of Moran's "Nefertiti" and it focuses on the Heretic Queen's (Nefertiti) niece and namesake Nefertari. Nefertari was orphaned at birth, her father was already deceased and her mother Mutnodjmet dies in childbirth. Nefertari is taken in by Pharaoh Seti I and raised along side his son Ramesses. Nefertari begins to develop romantic feelings towards Ramesses however the union does not appear to be popular among the people and definitely not at court as Nefertari is judged solely on her ancestors. Ramesses however falls in love with Nefertari and marries her despite the courts wishes with exception of his father and one of his aunts. The young couple has high hopes that they will be able to change the people's opinion of Nefertari and that they would come to love her as Ramesses did. As Ramesses was unable to make her his Chief wife, Nefertari must fight for her position at court while Ramesses leads his troops into battle against the ever-threatening Hittites. Thanks in part to her education and her vast knowledge of languages, Nefertari rules Egypt while Ramesses is at war and she eventually gains the love and support of the Egyptian people.


Michelle Moran did it again - another awesome novel about Ancient Egypt. I literally read this book in a day and a half and it was even more difficult to put down than "Nefertiti" was. Again, immense praise for Moran's writing style and her ability to create the most vivid images of the court and everything within right down to the clothing and makeup. Her ability to create vibrant characters of whom there is little know is amazing. The novel is a great example of a great historical fiction novel as it is filled with politics, intrigue, love, betrayal and war. Another aspect that I loved with both this novel and "Nefertiti" was that Moran included a glossary of Egyptian terms- it was definitely helpful.

It was definitely one of my favourite novels that I have read so far this year. Another fantastic novel and I can't wait to read her future novels. Go out and get this (and Nefertiti) and enjoy a fantastic trip back to Ancient Egypt!

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